Backwards Production Studio has been doing recordings since 2005 and have moved our focus to live sound reinforcement in the last two years.  With 15 years of experience performing on stage Backwards knows what the artist needs to sound great.  It starts with the musicians being comfortable on stage, so that where we start.  With extremely reasonable rates if your looking for live sound for your band, event, festival, don't hesitate to ask for pricing!!  And if you need a demo or live recording were here for you!!!

Below are some tracks recorded at B.P.S.

Lots of new sound bytes coming soon, Take a second to listen to some of the work we've done.

  • Goin Nowhere3:07
  • I Used to Love You5:19
  • im frustrated1:39
  • extremanomicon0:00
  • Wrong0:00

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A great place for laying some tracks wether it be your first studio experience or if your a seasoned vet you'll love the laid back experience with Backwards Production Studio, where you, the artist are our first priority.

I'm the sound guy




August 20th -

Antz Marching - Hartwood Acres

August 22nd -

Christian Beck Band - The Bullpen

Dollars for Donna Benefit - Ligonier Beach

August 23rd -

Atkins Music Jam - Murphy Hall

August 29th -

Totally 80's - Seven Springs Wine Festival

September 12th -

Fonic - The Paintroom

September 18th - 

Christian Beck Band -

Rochester Inn

September 19th -

Fonic - Ramada GBG

September 30th -

Christian Beck Band -

Latitude 360